Summer 2022

Private Lessons & Musical: Three Bears


Write checks to Deb Rausch or Venmo @Deborah-Rausch-4 Tuition due at first lesson or session.

Please sign up for your slots or let me know your choices and I will put them in the Google Doc for you.


Private Lessons

Lessons will be held live at the Studio.

Lessons will be offered May 23-July 21.

In the summer I teach piano (traditional and Suzuki), voice, all band instruments, and beginning guitar. This is a great time to explore different instruments without a yearly commitment.

You may also choose Virtual lessons on FaceTime, Messenger Chat, or Zoom.

You choose day, time and how many weeks. Some choose twice a week, some once a week, some 3 lessons spread over June and July.  I teach Mon thru Thur from 10 AM to 5:30 PM 

Tuition is $13 per 30 minute lesson. This includes SD tax.

Students taking lessons to prepare for Middle School or High School All State Band auditions can apply for scholarship of reduced tuition.

Click Yellow Sign Up Slots to go to the editable Google Doc so you can sign up yourself in any open white slots. 

Scroll down to send me your Summer Music Choices.


Three Bears by Deborah Rausch is the musical this summer.

All students who sign up are IN. Students will be emailed script and MP3s to study. Auditions for parts will be May 23. Students do not have to audition for a part if they want to be in ensemble.

Once parts are assigned students will be put into groups and we will set up mini rehearsals on Mondays or Fridays that work for each group.

Entire Cast: meet for rehearsals Jun 20-23 4PM to 5:30PM (Mon-Wed at Studio, Thur at Emanuel Lutheran Church

Dress Rehearsal: Friday June 24 1 PM Emanuel Lutheran Church

Grand Performance: Friday June 24 6 PM Emanuel Lutheran Church

Tuition: $36 includes SD Tax.

The Cast:

Babysitter: Middle school age girl or boy who is a good story teller.  Wears modern clothes.

Child: Young girl or boy who is very excited to have a babysitter.  Wears  pajamas.

Papa Bear: Barnibus B. Barrington III, wood craftsman, gentleman, always willing to help others. Wears brown & fishing vest/hat.

Mama Bear: Bernice Barrington, housewife, baker, loves being a Mama. Wears brown, an apron & necklace.

Baby Bear: Barniby Barrington IV, full of energy, ready for an adventure, idolizes his Papa. Wears brown & ball cap.

Mrs. Greene: Her husband is a Sea Captain who is on a voyage so she is alone with her 3 daughters, she is the village healing woman & known for her knowledge of herbal medicines and large garden. Wears peasant dress, apron, scarf as does her daughters.

Goldy: Oldest daughter, responsible, willing to try things with caution, learning to make herbal medicines.

Violet:  Middle daughter, charming, a dare devil, can easily persuade others to do things.

Ruby: Youngest daughter, copies everything her big sisters do, wants to be included, can be an imp to get her way.

Mrs. Pettigrew: The wealthiest Mama in the county. Lots of jewelry. Very kind but wants everyone to notice her.

Winston Pettigrew: Barniby’s best friend. Always giggling and on the move.

Afton Pettigrew: Always has her nose in a book. Her family is about the only one who can afford books.

Payton Pettigrew: Has a crush on Barniby and always wants to catch his attention.

Bears & Trees: The rest of the cast. They sing and dance. They wear brown. Girls can have bows in their hair and make hair very curly, boys can wear baseball caps or fishing hats.

Summer Music Choices

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